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Important requirements when applying a family visa

Expat workers with salaries of OMR300 and above who want to bring their families to live in Oman must show proof of rental contracts and salary, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said

The tweet from the ROP reads: “Regulations on familial residency to foreign employees. The expat that wants to bring his family, must have an income of no less than OMR300 per month. The expat’s Ministry of Manpower information form will be consulted in addition to a bank statement showing the expat’s salary deposit for at least the past three months. The expat must have a residence rented in his/her name or the name of the employer, the contract will be consulted by the appropriate authority for confirmation.

Earlier, the minimum salary for a family joining visa was OMR600. The move by the Royal Oman Police to lower that bracket was very well welcomed by most expats.

Let us go deeper with this topic. If you are qualified with the first requirement alone, that is to have at least OMR 300 or above salary, will you decide to bring your family in the Sultanate? Do you think it is necessary? Do you think it will be beneficial for you and your family?

With the additional requirements such as, the expat must have a residence rented in his/her name or the name of the employer. Things are getting blurry from this requirement alone because if you are aware on how much is the cost of the rent of 1BHK or 2BHK, I am sure that you will no longer decide to apply for family visa.

There are some OFW or expats who are lucky enough that their company or employer provides an accommodation.

The decision to lower the required salary is not in favor for the expats, this is what my idea. It is more in favor in the economy of the Sultanate. Not only those things stated above are needed when you bring your family here, later on, you will be required to apply health insurance.

Before make the big decision, try to examine it for yourself. Consider the cost of living in Oman, if you can see that it is wiser to just send your money to your family who are away from you then I think it will be a better choice.

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