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Expats who earns OMR300 can now bring families to Oman

During the past year, only those who earn OMR600 are qualified to bring their families through family joining visa.

Today, the big news for all of us where an expatriate employee now needs only OMR300 to bring his family members to Oman, according to the new amendment, confirmed an official source at the Royal Oman Police.

In a tweet, the Shura Council Member, Sultan bin Majid Al Abri, said, “The visa condition for family members joining an expatriate employee has been amended from a minimum salary of OMR600 to OMR300.”

In an exclusive statement for Al Shabiba,  Al Abri clarified that the decision has been made on a recommendation of the Shura Council, and as part of one of the initiatives of the Tanfeedh programme. Al Abri appreciated the government’s response to what serves the public interest.

He stressed that the decision would boost the local economy and revitalize several sectors, including real estate, retail, insurance and others.

Now, the right decision is to be made. We have to consider the cost of living in Oman specially during these days that the oil price is going up. Moreover, the cost of flat rent is still high.

Check out this article on how you can apply and see the requirements – Information and Requirements of Family Joining and Family Residence Visa in Oman

Source: ToO

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