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How to Continue and Pay your SSS Contribution while Abroad

We have posted an article entitled SSS Benefits and Privileges for OFWs and the response is tremendous as there were a lot of comments and questions and this shows that most of our kababayan in Oman are planning really to invest for their future.

Today, we are going to provide the necessary information and answer to the most asked question – How to pay and continue our SSS contribution.

For SSS Members who have stopped paying for their SSS Contribution and who want to continue paying their SSS contribution again, including OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers.

You can continue your SSS contributions provided you have valid payments of SSS contributions in your records.

Where can OFWs pay their SSS contribution?

You may pay your SSS contributions at the accredited overseas e-payment collection centers. You may also ask a representative like a family member or a relative in the Philippines who can pay your SSS contributions on your behalf.

Another option of paying your contribution is via online or E-Payment Services through BancNet and Unionbank.

For those who are in Oman, SSS contributions are accepted at the following Transfast remittance centers and Ventaja outlets

  • Al Jadeed Exchange
  • Global Money Transfer
  • Majan Exchange
  • Modern Exchange Company
  • Oman UAE Exchange

SSS Contribution Schedule

Note: Equivalents are subject to change based on daily exchange rate

Deadline for Payment

January to September of this year can still be paid until December 31 of the same year. While October to December of this year can still be paid until January 31 of the following year.

For further information and clarification, you can contact the SSS representative Romell V. Regino at 91921723 and email address – if you are always on Facebook, you can contact via their official page Social Security System – Oman

Location of SSS Oman

Embassy of the Philippines
Bldg. No. 1041/1043, Way No. 3015, Al Kharijiya St., Shatt Al Qurum, Muscat, Oman

There you go, we hope that we have answered most of your questions.

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