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SSS Benefits and Privileges for OFWs

As an Overseas Filipino Workers, the first thing in our list when we started earning money overseas is to invest our hard-earned money in the right way that will benefit us later on when we finally go back home for good in the Philippines. Perhaps, we are also planning to have some fund when we need it during the tough times and emergency.

One channel where we can invest is by having an SSS account. Most of the time OFWs are not into this kind of opportunity because they think that savings their money on the bank is better option.

At this point in time, have a look on the benefits offered by SSS so that you might want to invest for your future.

The Social Secuirty System (SSS) covers Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs as insurance members and provides them short and long-term insurance coverage.

Who can be members of SSS?

An OFW who is not over 60 years old and have been recruited by a foreign-based employer can be a member of SSS. Those who are first-time OFWs must register for membership by filling out an SS Form W1 (Overseas Worker Record), while those who are registered before becoming an OFW can resume payment of contribution as Overseas workers under their existing SS Number.

How much should an OFW contribute as an SSS member?

The contribution is based on the OFw’s monthly salary credit (MSC) converted to Philippine peso. The monthly contribution amount is computed by multiplying the member’s MSC with the prevailing SSS contribution rate.

What are the benefits an OFW can receive once he/she become a member?

An OFW SSS member can avail of short-term and long-term benefits apart from a guaranteed pension. The SSS benefits are the following:

  • Sickness Benefits
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Death and Funeral Benefits
  • Salary Benefits

The amount worth of benefits though equates to the amount of contribution paid and longer contribution service. So, the higher you have contributed, the higher your benefits.

What are the privileges an OFW may take advantage of as an SSS member?

An OFW SSS member has a privilege to loan money from SSS in the form of the following:

  • Salary Loan
  • Housing Loan
  • Educational Assistance Loan
  • Flexi-fund Program for OFWs

The Flexi-fund Program for OFWs is an SSS program that will help OFWs to save a part of their income from working abroad and maximize returns on their investments. This is a tax-exempt program that is exclusive for OFWs in addition to their regular coverage contribution.

Requirements for OFW Membership

  • Birth Certificate (NSO Certified)
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Passport
  • Drivers’ License
  • PRC Card
  • Baptismal Certificate

If you are currently working Oman and want to know more information about SSS. The SSS Representative Office is located in the consular section of the Philippine Embassy and is manned by Mr. Romell V. Regino. The office may be contacted at +968-91921723, email: or through SSS Oman’s Official Facebook page: Social Security System – Oman.

The following services are being offered by the SSS office in Oman:

  1. Registration and issuance of new SSS numbers for member in regular and Flexi Fund programs.
  2. Verification of previously issued SSS number.
  3. Verification of SSS contributions summary.
  4. Verification of loans previously availed (short-term and housing loans).
  5. Assisting members in the proper accomplishment of registration and payment forms.
  6. Receiving and screening of SSS loan applications (Salary loan).
  7. Receiving of requests for data amendment.
  8. Receiving and screening of SSS Claim applications (Sickness, Maternity, Disability, Death, Retirement and Funeral claims) and follow-ups.
  9. Forwarding of requests from members pertaining to the disposition of their SSS checks.
  10. Conduct of information dissemination to OFWs in their respective place of work by appointment and with proper coordination with Philippine Embassy
  11. Request for updating of unposted payments (contributions and loan balances).

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