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What size of LCD/LED TV is allowed as a check-in baggage?

Many of our kababayans who are traveling back home are asking about the size of LCD/LED TV is allowed that they can carry when they travel.

Purchasing TV in the Middle East is cheaper compared to the current price in the Philippines. How much more if you bought those appliances during a sale in Lulu or Carrefour?

Most airlines allow their customers to carry LCD/LED TVs as checked baggage. However, as this is a fragile electronic device they require the TV to have appropriate packaging in order to withstand the normal rigorous of air travel. When checking in your TV you will also need to sign a limited release.

The size of the LCD/LED TV that is allowed to check in will also depend on the region of travel.

Juan sent out a private message to four GCC airlines asking them on what size of LCD/LED TV is allowed and this is what we got:

Oman Air

NOTE:  TV cannot be considered within FBA and must be charged as medium sports equipment, screen size may not exceed 42”. TVs over 42” will not be accepted as check in luggage.



Gulf Air

If you have any clarification, please contact the airlines.  For more info on baggage allowances of GCC airlines, check this article –

Quick Guide on GCC Airlines Baggage Allowance

The above information may change without prior notice, so it would be better to check directly from the airlines about their baggage allowance

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