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New Traffic Point System: List of offenses, fines and points

The Royal Oman Police will introduce a “black points system” from March 1, 2018 and motorists getting more than 12 points in a calendar year may lose their licences. “Motorists getting more than 12 black points in a year will have their driving licences suspended for six months. If the motorist gets more than 12 points again the following year, the licence will be confiscated for a year. In case the black points are more than 12 for a third consecutive year, the licence will be cancelled. The driver will have to take the driving test afresh after paying RO100 for a new licence,” an ROP official said.

The official said that three black points will be given for violations in eight cases such as failing to stop at a police checkpoint, drifting, modifying the vehicle licence plates or covering the licence plate or a part of it.

“Exceeding the speed limit by more than 75km/hr, driving with a licence in another category (if a driver holding a light vehicle licence drives a heavy vehicle), covering one’s face, modifying the vehicle and overtaking by heavy vehicles at a place where they are not allowed to do so, will earn drivers three black points.”

Two points will be given in 14 cases including using a phone while driving, dangerous overtaking, parking on the road, parking trucks less than 5m from the shoulder in non-emergency situations. “Two black points will also be given if a motorist leaves his car in case of an accident before completing the procedures. Motorcycle riders without a helmet will be given two points. “One black point will be given in 35 cases including overloading, playing loud music, not stopping when asked by a police officer to do so etc.” A motorist’s accumulated black points will be reset to zero at the beginning of every year.

Kindly refer from the table below for the details traffic offenses, fines and how many black points.

OffenseFine (OMR)Points
Installation or additional equipment that increases engine’s power or sound output503
Covering the entire face beyond the recognition of the driver503
Parking on the yellow line on the left side of the road502
Parking a truck at a distance of less than 50 meters between the yellow line on the right and the main road in a situation that is not an emergency502
Driving a car that’s license has been withdrawn or cancelled502
Not stopping at a check point503
Driving a vehicle or a bike with limited use in other than the designated places502
Misrepresentation of vehicle panel date or covering the panel or part of it503
Teaching in a vehicle in an unauthorized category502
Stopping the vehicle on the side of the road in a position that endangers its users351
Overtaking dangerously by trucks or buses352
Driving heavy vehicles at a time when it is prohibited351
Leaving a scene of an accident before all procedures are done352
Not stopping for a police officer351
Following ambulances on roads352
Driving a motor bike without wearing a helmet (driver and passenger)352
Driving a vehicle without holding the steering wheel or not sitting on the seat properly352
Not installing the vehicle license plate in its designated location clearly351
If the driving instructor is occupied with something other than teaching351
If the driving Instructor is teaching with an expired permit352
Driving a learner without permit352
Non installation of reflective markings on heavy vehicles and equipment151
Using a mobile phones or any other technology while driving152
Overtaking in the path of deceleration acceleration and pedestrian ramps151
Overtaking by bus or trucks on non-main roads151
Commercial transportation on a vehicle carrying temporary registration plates151
Transporting passengers on a vehicle or motor bike with a teaching plate151
Transporting passengers on buses exceeding the permitted numbers151
Non-turning on the light alarm for trucks and accompanying vehicles151
Tinning or coloring the car windows of the driving instructor car/taxi151
Installation of a tool or a device to place the mobile phone or any other electronic device for the driver use (GPS is allowed but after pull over the vehicle at o safe spot)151
Installation of a box on the motorbike without permission151
If the driving instructor uses a mobile phone or any electronic device during a lesson152
Not using the correct safety belt for the driver and the passengers101
Driving on the yellow line continuously with an intent to overtake another vehicle101
Raising the volume of the sound system or any recording on the road101
Driving a delivery motorbike on the main roads101
Driving the vehicle on a closed or under construction road101
All driving instructors have to be in formal Omani dress101
Not using children’s car seats for children under the age of 4101
Carrying passengers inside a cargo box101

Source: Times of Oman Graphics

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