Saturday , February 24 2018
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The real experiences of an OFW in the tune of Titibo-Tibo

When you leave your home country Philippines, for you to work overseas I know that you are very much inspired to pursue your dreams for your family. Such as having a house and lot, and of course to have a better and a higher standard of living.

But we are all aware that there some difficulties in working abroad which we will be facing, as some people may say that it is not always a bed of roses being an OFW even if you are receiving a higher salary compared from the your previous company in the Philippines.

Watch the video below and for sure you will be able to relate your life’s story with the song. The video is a parody of the song Titibo-tibo by Moira Dela Torre entitled Papagod-pagod. The parody lyrics narrates the story of every OFW who are so excited to leave the country and set on a journey for a better future.

It also shows the culture shock being experienced by everyone when dealing with different nationalities. But the best part is on how he got his first salary and upgraded his mobile phone from 3310 to iPhone 10.

Video credit: Francis 17