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Museum of Illusions is now Open at MGM and we are giving away 15 Free Adult Tickets

In conjunction with the country’s celebrations of the 47th National Day, ‘Museum of Illusions’ has officially opened its doors at Muscat Grand Mall (MGM). The museum, brought to Oman by Global Development and Investment LLC is the first of its kind in the region and includes the largest single collection of optical illusions in the Middle East. Offering over 70 exhibits, the Museum offers intriguing visual and sensory experiences, together with a truly interactive educational range of games, puzzles, and activities, suitable for people of all ages. The Museum of Illusions, which is managed by a young Omani entrepreneur, is located within the newly launched expansion of the Mall.

The Museum houses more than 70 entertaining and mind-bending illusions, and provides interactive educational activities about vision, perception, the human brain, and science.

Commenting on the launch of the new Museum, Al Muathar Al Wahaibi, the Director of the Museum said, “The way our brains work is extremely complex, we don’t just perceive reality just as we see or feel it. What our brain does is gather information from each of our senses, combining and enhancing some details while ignoring others, all that while filling in any gaps using its pre-existing knowledge of the world. With each of our exhibits we intentionally alter this information, and in doing so we can alter your perception of reality in surprising, intriguing, and fun ways. This museum is something you truly need to experience first-hand.”

With over 70 exhibits, the Museum of Illusions has the largest collection of holograms, stereograms, and optical illusions in the entire Middle East. Each of these exhibits has been designed to not only thrill and beguile visitors, but to provide a unique opportunity from which to learn just how easily a person’s mind can be tricked.

Al Muathar added, “The most common type of illusions are optical. However, there are also auditory and tactile illusions. With our museum, we aim to utilise all three senses to turn the complexities of the brain and nervous system into a fun and educational experience for visitors of all ages to enjoy.”

The Museum of Illusions showcases entertaining and mind-bending illusions, each of which teaches about vision, perception, the human brain, and science, allowing visitors to understand why their eyes see things that the brain does not understand. These illusions vary from a gravity defying slanted room to visual illusions where the person shrinks or grows before their very eyes. There is also a gift shop that offers mind puzzles, as well as souvenirs and games suitable for all ages.

“We also have a smart playroom zone with lots of problem-solving games, which will absolutely blow your mind. This Museum offers a beguiling and memorable experience you will never forget; and one you can enjoy with the entire family,” added Al Muathar.

The ‘Museum of Illusions’ in Muscat Grand Mall is the first in a series of museums that Global Development and Investment LLC, as the exclusive franchisee of the brand in the Middle East, plans to open in the region.

Commenting on his management of the project and his experience as a young Omani entrepreneur, Al Muathar said, “I believe that young Omanis should move towards entrepreneurship, launching innovative projects that are in line with the government guidelines to diversify the country’s sources of income and contribute in achieving its development goals. Aside from being a burden for the government to provide enough jobs for young people, career work also limits creativity and innovation. I encourage young people to choose entrepreneurship as it is the best choice to build a prosperous future for themselves and others by providing jobs for the new generation. I’m confident of the success of the project as it supports the tourism sector, which the Sultanate relies on heavily in its vision of economic diversification.”

How to WIN a free ticket

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  4. Winners announcement will be on December 10, 2017 at 9:00PM, comments after that period will no longer be accepted.

The Prize

15 Winners will be selected to win an Adult ticket worth OMR4.9

*Terms and condition apply

The Museum of Illusions is situated on the first floor of the new mall expansion of Muscat Grand Mall. Doors are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and entrance fees are priced at OMR 4.9 for adults, OMR 3.5 for children and OMR 13 for families of 4. Special rates apply for large groups and school excursions. For more information please visit or call +968 91444470.