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Make Use of the Ministry of Manpower Online Labor Complaints Service

Omani and expat workers in Muscat can now submit labor complaints against their employers online to the Ministry of Manpower (MoM), which has opened a web portal as of September 4 2016. The ministry had made it mandatory for all labor complaints to be filed online. The system which is already online in Muscat has been widened to cover other regions too.

During its first phase, the portal was in Arabic and on August 2, 2016 the platform was made available in English.

According to the ministry, through the online platform, labor complaints can be submitted and updates on labor law violations can be sought.

The online complaint platform states that the complainant should not delay lodging his claim, as per Article 7 of the Labour Law.

Article 7 states that the employee’s right to make any claim under the provision of this law shall expire after a year from the date on which such a claim arose.

Regarding cases instituted before the implementation of this law, the one-year deadline will commence from the date on which the law came into force.

The online platform also clearly points out that an employer cannot act against the complainant for approaching MoM to lodge a complaint.

While explaining the current practice, a legal advisor in Muscat said another way to register a labor complaint is that the complainant approaches the labor Dispute Department and fills out the form available there with all the details about the complainant, employer and labor claims.

The service has over 80 different complaint categories such as receiving labour complaints, follow-up of status of registered complaints, report against private facilities violating the labour law, and complaints filed against violating labourers.

A ministry official said, “As per the Labour Law there are 100 different categories of work and each has a different set of rules and regulations. So when complaints come from these different categories the nature of dealing will be different.”

The system encourages that before filling a complaint, you should complaint first internally or within your company first.

It is allowed to complaint at your current job or your previous within one year from your resignation date.

The information provided within the application must be true.

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