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The Kind of Inflight Safety Video That You Will Pay Attention To

Let’s admit it, we never fully pay attention during inflight safety videos or demonstration. Why? Because most of the time, the demonstration is just boring, even those safety video is just the old kind of instruction that every time that you fly are being shows. In addition to that, being an OFW specially when flying overseas for the first time will bring you lots of anxiety.

But the game changer is here as Singapore Airlines on Tuesday (Aug 8) unveiled a new in-flight safety video that showcases not only the Singapore Girl as she demonstrates safety instructions, but also Singapore landmarks, such as Boat Quay, Gardens by the Bay and Henderson Waves.

“The safety video is a result of a bilateral agreement signed between (the Singapore carrier) and the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in June 2017,” said SIA and STB in a joint press release.  They said it is aimed at promoting inbound travel to Singapore, and showcasing the country to a global audience.

The new video, which will start showing in flights at the end of the year, showcases plenty of iconic landmarks in the photogenic city, as a voiceover narrates the usual safety guidelines.

It does take a bit of a suspended imagination to see how they’ve appropriated landmarks around Singapore for the safety demonstration, though. For example, they used park benches at the Henderson Waves to demonstrate how to brace for impact, and movie seats at the Capitol Theatre, to explain putting away your USB charging cable when taking off.

Still, you can’t deny that it’s one of the most beautiful safety videos around. Guess you can expect lots more tourists at these spots after the screener becomes permanent.

Watch the safety video above and for sure you will lock your eyes on it until the end of it.

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