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Mandatory Health Insurance for Expats and Omanis in Private Sector

Health insurance plans to cover nationals and expats in the private sector will be enforced by the beginning of next year, the Minister of Health announced.

“Health insurance is not a substitute for health financing but is one of the means of health financing,” said HE Dr. Ahmed Al Saidi, Minister of Health in Oman.

“A recent study by MoH and the national Korean health insurance company showed the extent by which Oman needs a health insurance plan, but in a gradual manner. We hope to start the health insurance plan in the private sector for nationals and expats working in that sector,” he added.

“The aim of the health insurance plan is to raise the quality and efficiency of the private health sector, which must compete with the public health sector. This cannot happen unless there is proper financing in the private health sector, one of which could come from health insurance.”

“The private sector consists of nine per cent nationals who already have health insurance.”

The minister added: “Thankfully, Muscat hosts several meetings and conferences this year, but this conference is significant as it could result in recommendations which we could benefit from, like the mistakes that other countries may have made when implementing health insurance plans.

“Through His Majesty’s guidance, health in Oman is available for all, as this constitutes one of the citizen’s rights to have health services provided to them for free. The Ministry of Health is collaborating with the private sector to encourage it, and insurance companies on accepting the demand for this promising sector.

“We must find new ways to finance the health sector. In the sultanate spending on health costs about three per cent of the national income, however, more spending does not mean better quality. We hope to start this plan in phases from the beginning of next year.”

Source: ToO

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