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Guide on How to Apply for OFW ID Card

For how many weeks that we are talking about the OFW ID Card and finally, here we are providing you a detailed guide on how to apply for your OFW ID Card. This guide is with graphic representation for each steps so that you can visually follow this guide.

The OFW ID Card had been announced as early as July this year, however, the cards were only available for use this December.

Please be reminded that the system is in testing phase, we tried the previous two registering but no luck and only today that we have successfully registered to the system.

The card is expected to provide convenience to OFWs when transacting with the government as they will no longer need to queue at various agencies.

Eventually, government aims to provide all OFWs including those exiting the country for the first time for work abroad, with the iDOLE OFW ID card.

The initial phase of the system links DOLE with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), and the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

The iDOLE system will further interlink the databases of DOLE offices and agencies with other government agencies.

The OFW ID Card is provided for free to OFWs.

Here are the steps on how to apply OFW ID Card:

1. To be able to apply for OFW ID, make sure that you have a valid OEC/Exemption Number with validity date from October 12, 2017 onwards.

2. Login to your account and apply or acquire an OEC/Excemption
3. Visit

4. Click on Proceed
5. Fill up the form
6.Click Register OFW Account

7.Once your registration is successful you will get this message
8. Login in to your account –

10. Select OFW Card
11. Click on PROCEED

12. Select Delivery Type

13. Select Pickup Location
14. Click on Submit
15. You will receive a message “Your OFW ID has been generated successfully” with your OFW ID Number

UPDATE: There is a hidden option from the desktop version of the website. If you view the website using your mobile phone and go to Transaction History you will have the PRINT button so that you can have a copy of the TEMPORARY CARD

As of the moment, the pickup location is available locally in the Philippines. Meaning, only those who are having their vacation can get the OFW CARD for now. We will wait for further details and development.

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