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Oman government is testing the Fuel Subsidy Cards

Testing of a fuel subsidy card system in Oman is underway, but no final mechanism to help low income groups has been finalized, the Ministry of Oil and Gas has revealed.

Images of the fuel subsidy cards have been widely circulated on social media in Oman, but the electronic cards for the National Fuel Subsidy Program have not yet been adopted, officials have said.

The Ministry of Oil and Gas released an official statement refuting social media rumours that have circulated regarding the card, admitting that a committee had been “testing the readiness” of system.

The pictures shared online show a standard fuel discount type card with the words ‘National Subsidy System’ and ‘Fuel Subsidy Card’ printed on them, amid rumours that the cards are meant to subsidize fuel costs for those with limited incomes.

The ministry statements reads: “A technical committee that has been charged with studying and determining oil products prices, in cooperation with marketing companies in the Sultanate, has also been testing the readiness of the electronic card system as one of the options that has been proposed for the National Subsidy Project for some segments of society, as a result of changing oil prices.

“The committee would also like to confirm that no mechanism as of yet has been adopted for the subsidy program,” the Ministry added.

Source: Times of Oman and Shabiba

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