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Win a Boodle Fight Package worth 25 OMR at Adobo Restaurant

Adobo Restaurant serves huge variety of Filipino dishes and provides a combination of excellent food at an affordable price. It also offers authentic cuisines with fun packaging not to mention its enticing ambience too. Adobo Authentic Filipino Cuisines is the answer to the increasing demand for Filipinos who are looking for real Filipino Cuisines, to be consumed not only by our Kababayans but also by the locals and other nationalities throughout the Sultanate of Oman.

The house of “Kamayan” style of eating – Boodle Fight (Man vs. Food Challenge)

This culinary experience is gaining popularity not just in Philippines but as well as in other countries here in the Middle East. This Filipino tradition of eating originated from the Philippine military where a big pile of food are served in the middle of a really long table in a mess hall where every hungry soldier eats with their hands symbolizing of camaraderie, brotherhood and equality in the military. The “fight” in the name refers to the act of grabbing and eating as much as the soldier can before others grab them or runs out. Remember this is served to every hungry men so if you’re slow you will definitely run out of food.

Usually, this meal is being served on top of a table lined with banana leaves where rice is placed in the middle and viands are either served on top or on the sides of the rice. No utensils are used when eating and you will use your bare hands to eat so this is definitely not a fine dining experience but trust me, it’s way much more exciting to do this rather than those ones that have multiple sets of cutleries and glassware in front of you.

The Challenge and prize

  • Form a team of 6 members.
  • Book and reserve a date and time for your challenge – Call or Whatsapp 91405006.
  • Order a boodle fight package worth 25 OMR.
  • If you consume or finish the food in less than 20 minutes YOU WILL WIN THE SAME BOODLE FIGHT PACKAGE FOR YOUR NEXT VISIT.

You can choose your boodle fight package below:


Isn’t it exciting? Arrange your schedules with your friends anytime soon to join this challenge and prove that men can devour any type of food no matter how enormous its quantity.

Adobo Restaurant is located at Al Mawaleh, Seeb behind Darvesh bldg. close to Muscat City Center & City Center Hotel Muscat, Oman, check the map below:

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