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5 Filipino traditions during New Year’s Eve

Filipinos love to take traditions seriously during major holidays like New Year’s Eve. It’s just one of those things that you grow up knowing about since we see our parents and grandparents do them yearly. As much as some of us may think they’re silly or irrational, these traditions don’t go away. Sometimes you’ll even find yourself doing them in your own media noche celebrations.

So what are these traditions and superstitions that Filipinos do before the new year arrives? What do they symbolize? Here’s a rundown.

12 round fruits for luck

In Filipino and Chinese belief, round objects are seen as symbols of prosperity. Hence, there’s always a fruit bowl present on New Year’s Eve with hopes of receiving luck all year. (Yes, 12 fruits = 12 months. Mind blown.) What I want to know, though, is if there are that many round fruits found here aside from oranges, grapes, and apples. Can you put tomatoes in the bowl too? Do calamansi fruits count?

Wear polka dots

It can be a top, pants, or even your underwear.
Some people even go all-out and wear polka dots from head to toe. You may think the pattern looks too tacky, but surprisingly, it became a runway trend this year too. Just look at the resort and fall 2017 runways for outfit inspos.

Keep your pockets filled with cash

They say that if you fill your pockets and wallets with money—ideally new bills—you’ll be financially stable next year. How we wish saving up and spending wisely were that easy. Then again, maybe we should download an app to help with our budget for 2018 to jumpstart our financial stability.

Jump during midnight

Ever since I could remember, my relatives would always tell us to jump as high as we could when it’s midnight. They say that you’ll get taller in the new year if you do this. (Truth be told: My height stopped when I was in high school so there’s no use for me now.) Whether you believe it or not, you have to admit that jumping is good cardio exercise. It can also be your first step to fitness for 2018!

Fireworks and loud noises are a must

Fireworks aren’t just seen as a sign that the new year is here. In Filipino tradition, this allegedly fends off the evil spirits. More so if you make more noise with horns and by hitting pots and pans.

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