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5 Clever Tips to Beat Homesickness Abroad

The biggest enemy of people working abroad is homesickness. No matter how exciting the new place might be, as an Overseas Filipino Worker, you will always miss the place that you’re used to. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to give in and move back. This is a new adventure and homesickness may be defeated with some clever techniques. Here are some of them:

Don’t Cling Too Much

Skype, Facebook, and other social media sites may be excellent for staying in touch, but using them too much only fosters homesickness. If you spend hours on Skype talking with friends every day, then you’re losing precious time exploring your new surroundings. Keep in touch but don’t forget that you’re surrounded with opportunities for new friends, new connections, and a new environment. Explore your new place a bit or use this extra time for pampering yourself.

Create a New Social Circle

Just because you’re away from the people you grew up with doesn’t mean you can’t create new friends in this new setting. Go out and meet new people by hanging out in the shops, bars, or joining clubs and classes. Not only do you get to learn new skills but you also become acquainted with new people. Your new social circle can either help you learn the city of you can learn the city together. Either way, this helps you have a new set of people to go out and make memories with.

Establish a New Routine

Homesickness encompasses missing all the places and activities you usually enjoy in your old home town. You have to remember, however, that almost every city has similar spots like a library, a park, a market, shops, a garden, and so on. Establish a new routine where you can find new haunts, new places to visit, and new things to do that you can enjoy on a routine basis. Having a routine in this new city allows you to follow a pattern and, therefore, makes it easier for you to settle in.

Discover the Local Food

Food is always a source of comfort so make a point of eating what the locals eat. Find out what makes this new place unique and acclimatize your taste buds to the much-loved fares. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should stop eating your personal favorites. Experience both ends of the spectrum by looking for a restaurant that specifically caters the type of food items you’re used to. For example, you can try finding a Filipino restaurant in your new country. Intersperse this with exploring the local delicacies in your new place and you should be able to enjoy both worlds.

Make a Bucket List for This New Place

Create a list of firsts that you can enjoy in your new location. Use the Internet and find out what interesting areas can be visited every week during the weekends. See yourself as a tourist and conduct yourself as one, thereby allowing you to see the city in a new light. Write down your “first” experiences and you’ll be amazed at how much fun this new place can be.

There you have it: The smart tips on how to beat homesickness while you are away from your family and friends. With these tricks, it wil be easier for you to settle in your new place.

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